Jessie Steele Audrey Children's Bib Apron, Cupcakes Jessie Steele Audrey Children's Bib Apron, Cupcakes: Home & Garden

This cute little apron is for the little one and is a perfect match with Mom's Cupcakes apron. A perfect gift for big or little sisters grandkids and nieces who love to cook or throw tea parties. This style features chocolate cupcakes pink piping and bow detailing on the two front pockets. Machine washable 100% cotton. Measures 22.5 x 19.5 inches. Jessie Steele aprons have been featured in several national publications as well as television spots. The Regis and Kelly Show Desperate Housewives Oprah The Young and The Restless and People Magazine have featured Jessie Steele aprons and Elle magazine touted them as the new "must-have fashion accessory?. (via ooo la la cupcakes)


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